How To Make Money Online Fast And Beat Stand Still Duplication

I would ask the same question, “How can I make money online fast?” I’ll tell you what, it’s not easy and I’m sure you figured that out already because you’re smart.The truth is, we need to determine what “fast” really is.Some people will say it will take a year or two before you even begin to see any results, especially cold hard cash. But let me first tell you a story.In the beginning when I wanted to make money from home, I thought you’d do that through 3d modeling objects like chairs and benches, then put them up for sale on websites which host them.Maybe even create an out of this world game like MineCraft or an addicting one like Angry Birds.Or maybe I’d dress up like a clown and make babies cry, then put it on YouTube for some YouTube cash.Although, I might have made money this way, I’d need to be pretty darn good at the first two or have amazing editing skills for the last… Quite frankly, none of these really seemed to be a “fast cash” option.My definition of “Fast” is anywhere from 5-90 days. I know it’s broad, but you’ll see why here in a bit.So How Can You Make Money Online Fast?For the most part, you have 2 ways of doing this. Either advertise affiliate products with Google AdWords or something equivalent, or run a blog and get paid through various methods including affiliate programs and ads..But this is still inherently slow because you’ve got the blog to set up, hosting, themes, plugins, etc. Yes, you could hypothetically make money online fast WITHOUT the use of a blog, but your profit margins are greatly reduced.Why?Because you generally must build a relationship, trust, and give a reason why a customer should buy from you as opposed to someone else.Case Study: $12 Bucks From Amazon With $8 Spent.Back in the day I ran a test to see if I could actually sell amazon products without a blog or capture page. I set up an ad campaign with Bing Ads, used a product with a fairly high payout and what I thought would have a good conversion rate, then let it run (obviously there was more to it with the copy and such).To my surprise, I got more than 70,000 impressions, 700 clicks, and 2 sales. Remember, this was from exclusively sending traffic to, which I don’t recommend you do because it’s hit or miss whether you’ll actually profit.Here’s The KickerI continued the ad until I reached $16 spent and had accumulated still no more sales. This was a bust, but a great learning experience to why we send customers to capture pages which convert at 15% or greater.If I’d sent similar traffic to one of our capture pages, out of those 700+ clicks, more than 70 would’ve turned into leads (we have a 10% traffic to lead conversion) and out of those 70, 10-12 would’ve purchased for better profit because we have a much higher margin these days.Sure beats 2 purchases.The Biggest Advantage Of Blogging.Instead of just selling products to people through ads, with a blog we can actually get subscribers. Which is gold in this industry.Going back to the beginning. how do you make money online fast?Obviously, paid ads are an incredibly great way to generate traffic and get people to your offer. But you’ve got to have something to sell first, right?Right.Now, like before, you could set up a blog and sell amazon affiliate products or stuff from others like Click Bank or Commission Junction, these are all valid and ethical methods, but again, lots and lots of setup.Let’s take a look at the MLM model.Traditionally, you have people wandering around Walmart (or Facebook) asking people if they’re interested in making money from home or something along the lines of that statement.The problem with this, obviously, is MOST PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO HIT UP RANDOM STRANGERS OR FRIENDS OR FAMILY OR UNCLE BILL!OK, but the payment model is pretty cool.Just like a retailer, MLM’s are subscription based systems, meaning people pay a yearly or monthly fee.Also, they have a “downline” which pays a certain amount to those above in the “upline”, just like you pay a retailer for food and the retailer then pays it’s supplier, right?Right.What if we married MLM to blogging and simplified it so you could start blogging right away and get enough training to use any method of promotion you wanted? That way, you could ACTUALLY make money online fast.MLM without the home parties, without the endless products in your livingroom, without the “friends and family” plan.Sounds pretty good to me!The Problem With Traditional MLM And Team DuplicationI don’t like talking about MLM without giving the main inherent flaw with it that 99% of people do when they make their first sale and up to making even more.Mind you, this problem limits the income earning potential greatly and applies to all styles of MLM.Here’s the deal.There are ONLY 2 ways to make money in MLM.

YOU sell something.

Or your team sells something.
All this, “I’ll get you in my team and we’ll train together for the next 6 months” crap is just a waste of time. Why?Do you really want someone to teach you and just become a crutch so when they stop you’re back to square one?I sure don’t want that!So why do people do this?And why do people do this, then complain that their team is doing the same thing instead of making more sales?It’s not their fault, the sponsor is just being a bad example.In Conclusion:The absolute 2 Fastest Ways to make money online are:1. Solo Ads2. Social media targeting (POPP)While this is an incredibly interesting and important subject, it exceeds the scope of this training. I know even right now it will take some time to thoroughly examine all the information here.As always,- Justin Murphy

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